Why Now is an Excellent Time to Hire a Landscape Maintenance Company

As a homeowner, there are distinct challenges to keeping a landscape looking great here in central Florida. But, a property can also be extraordinarily beautiful with the right kind of care. Today, we’re going to talk about the reasons why now is an excellent time to hire a landscape maintenance company.

The hot and wet season is almost here


Each season offers its own unique set of circumstances. Many people struggle with a variety of issues involved in maintaining a landscape. Between the rains, high heat and humidity, summer can be the hardest season on both the property and the owner. Since summer conditions also make many plants grow prolifically, the landscape can’t be neglected, or it will soon look shabby. Also, the combination of heat and rain also creates the potential for pests, plant diseases, and damage, as well as erosion of the soil. These aren't things a typical homeowner has the skills or desire to manage effectively.

Active landscape management

Summer is a busy time for many Floridians, as the children are out of school and many families go on vacation. Meanwhile, their property still requires attention. A landscape maintenance company will keep the landscape healthy, so it doesn’t suffer from a lack of regular care even when the family is away or busy.

Summer is also the time to prepare the property for the dry winter months, including regular mulching. Mulching will improve the condition of the soil and help plant material build a deep root base. This, in turn, will help plants thrive during the dry winter season when those deep roots will be able to find moisture.


By hiring professionals, a homeowner can stop worrying about the work required to maintain the property. Most homeowners enjoy a distinct upgrade in the condition of their landscape when they hire a pro.

A professional landscape company provides comprehensive care. Yes, they do the actual work involved in regular maintenance. But, they also meet the needs unique to the plants, soil, and other features of the individual property. Moreover, professional landscapers take regular measures to proactively prepare for the coming seasons. As a result, the property will look its best season after season and year after year. Pests and diseases are minimized, and healthy growth is optimized.


Landscape maintenance is an excellent value because a homeowner no longer needs to worry about the work, skills, tools, and products the landscape requires. At the same time, the property will look its very best at all times, which will increase not only the curb appeal but also the ambiance of the home.

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