Why Hardscape Matters


One of the things which will make a landscape pop with curb appeal is hardscaping. Hardscaping is the non-plant material portion of a landscape, for example, the driveway, walkways, and paths on a property.

One of the services we offer is the design and installation of concrete and brick paver patios, driveways, and pathways. Pavers are one of our areas of expertise, and we’re proud to provide to our customers.

Hardscaping has many excellent uses, some of which are specific to the landscape. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the benefits of hardscaping.

An example of damage which can occur to landscaping without appropriate planning for foot traffic.

An example of damage which can occur to landscaping without appropriate planning for foot traffic.

Long term beauty and low maintenance

While virtually every living thing on a property needs some care, hardscaping, for the most part, requires very little. While a homeowner may need to pressure wash pavers once in a while, that’s pretty much the extent of hardscaping needs.

Nonetheless, pavers and concrete, especially colored concrete, are highly visual elements and don’t go unnoticed. By matching hardscaping with your home’s architectural style and other details, a designer can create a pleasing, cohesive look which can be further enhanced by lighting. Pavers also protect the lawn from foot traffic damage and create pleasing edges for plantings.

Interlocking concrete pavers are strong, durable, and offer a gorgeous palette of colors to create driveways. They eliminate cracking, aren’t susceptible to runoff, and allow for better traction than poured concrete.



Concrete and pavers are stable, which makes them safer to walk on than grass or gravel. Pathways prevent stumbling and direct and guide pedestrians. It’s also better for the landscape. For example, if a homeowner typically parks in the driveway, adding two feet of hardscaping on each side means that two cars can park in the driveway without the danger of the driver or passengers having to step on plant material or navigate a thin edge of concrete when they exit the vehicle. It also means that sprinkler heads are safe from errant wheels.

Hardscaping is an investment into a property and one which shouldn’t be undertaken without some thought, planning, and maybe even some advice from an expert. If you’re considering upgrading your landscape with some quality hardscaping, why not talk to one of our designers? You have nothing to lose, and they may be able to provide you with some ideas and suggestions which can make your outdoor living spaces--both hardscaping and plant material--into the landscaping of your dreams.

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