Water Features: Harmony in a Landscape


Human beings and water have a natural affinity for one another. It’s no surprise when homeowners flock to buy aquatic landscape features. Today, we’re going to talk about water features for the residential landscape--those lavish, gorgeous displays which create a beautiful flow in landscapes. Because, along with hardscaping, irrigation, and landscaping, we also install water features.

Types of features

When it comes right down to it, the most exciting landscape features are those that combine natural beauty with water elements: fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and pools. The primary value of these water features is aesthetic. People naturally gravitate toward water features in any form, but moving water is particularly appealing. Even merely watching a sprinkler system has a hypnotic effect.


Pairings in a landscape

Water features pair well with many aspects of the landscape. A bench, for example. But, even when a water feature traverses a portion of the sidewalk, or sits in a courtyard, it’s a welcome sight. Let’s not forget a water feature surrounded by lush, fresh grass or flowering plants, or even as part of a swimming pool.

Tranquil aesthetic

A water feature offers a mental respite, even if it isn’t a feature in which one can swim. As much as people love water features for their own merits, the other benefits they offer should be taken into account.


A water feature offers movement in the landscape. If a homeowner has certain restrictions which make trees impractical, a water feature provides the visual delight of moving water to accompany or even replace swaying branches. Also, the sound of a water feature is white noise. It’s a soothing, relaxing sound which naturally puts the listener at ease. Many meditation and sleep apps feature the sounds of water in their tracks.

Practical benefits

Fountains are also used as white noise to cover unpleasant sounds. White noise is instrumental in covering up the sound of a generator or A/C unit. If a homeowner lives near a school, workshop, or other noisy facilities, a fountain might be the perfect solution to cover up the unwanted sounds.


Finally, one can’t help but appreciate the resale value of a property with a water feature. While landscaping is a critical feature to attract homebuyers, water features are perhaps the most attractive element, possibly more than a swimming pool. Even a small water feature will make a home stand out to potential home buyers, who may not want the responsibility and cost of owning a pool, but who would be eager to enjoy the indulgence and serenity of a small fountain.

If you’re considering some landscape upgrades, whether they include a water feature or not, talk to one of our experts. We can help you make the right choices for your situation.