Factors Which Affect Irrigation Needs

During an initial irrigation installation or a supplemental irrigation upgrade, there are factors which affect the total cost. Today, we’re going to talk about the factors to take into consideration during the creation of a new irrigation system or an irrigation upgrade or expansion.

Size of the property

Property size will affect the cost of the installation, including the amount of pipe required, the number of irrigation stations, and the quality of the overall project. A more significant property will, in all likelihood, require more work and cost more money.


Type and number of plants

A property with fewer plants and less turf will require a smaller irrigation system than a larger property with more vegetation. The variety of plant material will also affect the cost of the system since they will have to be grouped in stations with similar needs. While rain can provide moisture to plant material, it should not be relied upon to sustain the landscape. This is also true when using landscape material which has higher drought tolerance. If individual plants require less water than others, they should in no way be neglected or overlooked, as a property owner will want all of their plants to look their very best.

Also, the amount of turf should be taken into consideration because more lawn will require a bigger sprinkler system.

Type of soil

Soil type and soil amendments are a huge consideration when it comes to irrigation. Tightly compacted soil requires slower water application for a longer duration. Sandy soil will soak up water quickly. Amendments hold moisture for a long time, which means mulching is of premium value.

Irrigation components, zones

The type and quality of irrigation components will directly affect the cost and installation process. Irrigation sprinklers cost more than drippers, for example. The number and type of zones will also affect the price of the irrigation system. A wider variety of plants will require a more significant range of irrigation components; bushes, trees, and even garden areas will require their own type of irrigation components. High traffic areas will often require high-value plant material and more consideration than little-utilized land areas.

If you’re considering new or expanding irrigation needs, why not speak with one of our expert irrigation consultants about the possibilities for your property? Understanding your options can offer perspective so that you can make decisions from the best possible vantage.

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